This Technique is the controlled removal of existing pavement to a desired depth (typically 1-4 inches) with specially designed milling equipment. This then allows the application of a thin overlay or wearing surface. When used for full roadway reconstruction, cold planing is capable of removing up to 14 inches of paving material or base in a single pass. Cold planing allows surface pavement to be brought to specified grade and slope while preserving existing curb and gutter.

Cold planing can also be used to remove slot sections of deteriorated, cracked, or otherwise unacceptable asphalt or concrete pavement surfaces. The surface can then be used as a driving surface, can be further treated with one of the other recycling methods, or full depth paving can be done to restore an otherwise good road. The most significant benefit of cold planing is that the milled material can be recycled and used on other projects as compactable base or recycled asphalt pavement (rap).

Coughlin company has state of the art “Rotomills” operated and maintained by professional crews. In most cases, we can be on your job within 24 hours. Coughlin Company’s estimating department will work with you to price your project competitively and suggest methods that will add value to your operations.

It’s Millin’ Time!

Advantages of Cold Planning

  • Milling of desired project depth (up to 14″) with specialized equipment
  • Removes and recycles all sized/types of surface materials
  • Preserves existing curb and gutter
  • Utilizes slotting to remove small sections
  • Improves surface quality
  • Produces Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP)
  • Minimal traffic interference
  • Reduces overall cost of roadway rehabilitation

Rotomilling Photo Gallery