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For more in depth information and resources regarding Full Depth Reclamation please visit the following PPRA Road Resource link. It will provide access to structural comparison calculators that can help guide your pavement preservation needs. Visit Road Resource

FDR Brochure:  Full Depth Reclamation


Full depth reclamation is a reclamation technique in which the full flexible pavement section and a predetermined portion of the underlying materials are uniformly crushed, pulverized, or blended, resulting in a stabilized base course; further stabilization may be obtained through the use of available additives. By addressing the entire pavement section, full depth reclamation is able to correct delinquent cross sections, increase the load-bearing strength of the base, and utilize 100% of the existing materials. Substantial savings can be realized while meeting environmental goals.

Critical to the success of this process is the preliminary testing to establish design criteria for gradation, residual asphalt content, and the possible use of additives. This reconstruction technique requires a wearing surface of a thickness to be determined by an analysis of traffic data.

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