Coughlin Company was established in 1921 by Louis Joseph Coughlin. Located in Southern California, the company built water utilities and also owned and operated several water companies.  After Serving in the Navy during World War II, Donald Wallace Coughlin purchased the company from his father Louis.  Donald later founded Waterco, a supply and distribution company.  By the mid 1900’s Donald and his sons had served over 300 water system located in California communities, and Waterco was the largest supply company in the area.  Donald was a skilled engineer, he has several patents on various plumbing products.  He designed complete utilities and furnished all the materials needed for them.  Patrick Joseph Coughlin then bought the Coughlin Company Construction business from Donald.  Pat serviced and installed entire water systems.  In 1976 Patrick moved the Company to Utah.  They did work throughout  Nevada, California, and Utah.  Patricks son, Darren Joseph Coughlin purchased the company in 1994.  Darren converted the company from an underground pipeline company into a Rotomilling,  Cold in Place Recycling,  Pulverizing, Soil Stabilizing, Heavy Hauling Company. Using state of the art, late model equiptment. Coughlin Co. is based out of St. George Utah.  We hold licenses in the following states;

  • Utah                236401-5501
  • Nevada            28544
  • California         737006
  • Arizona           147498
  • Idaho              15523-B-4(02965)
  • New Mexico    90296
  • Wyoming
  • Colorado
  • Montana